NOTE:  There are four (4) photos with captions in this post, taken by me (Bruce) with a Google Pixel 6 Pro.


MONDAY 15 – SUNDAY 21 April 2024 — The third week of April


Monday 15 … TAX DAY!

  • Nothing of note on our calendar for today. Personal tax returns needed to be postmarked by midnight, but Linda had already filed or delivered all of the returns that she prepared.


Tuesday 16 … A delivery, a project, and a guest.

  • … The towable lawn rake was delivered today by XPO. The truck had a lift-gate service and dolly, so the driver was able to unload it and move it into the garage.  ABIR, the shipping weight was about 180 lbs., so I was glad to have this service.
  • Delivery of the lawn rake meant that I now had a project assembling it and connecting it to the lawn tractor. I had previously moved the F-150 out of the garage to make room for all of this so I could work on it inside.
  • Our first Boondockers Welcome (BdW) guest, RamTam9, arrived today.
  • Linda met Diane at the Metropark for their weekly walk.


Wednesday 17 … The project continues; and a birthday.

  • … ABIR, I unpacked the lawn rake and did some preliminary assembly, but did not finish the job until the next day. I also needed (wanted) to get a properly sized bolt and lock-nut to secure it to the pin hitch on the lawn tractor.
  • Today was Nancy’s birthday. Happy birthday, Nancy!



Some of the components for the towable lawn rake.  (The furniture was eventually picked up by our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.)

More lawn rake components.










The nuts and bolts of the lawn rake, literally.


Thursday 18 … Dinner with friends.

  • Our BdW guests left for their next destination.
  • We had dinner at John and Diane’s house and visited well into the evening.


The assembled lawn rake attached to the Cub Cadet lawn tractor, ready to clean up branches, twigs, and leaves around the property.  I do not recall when I actually used it for the first time, but it was relatively soon after this photo was taken on the 18th.


Friday 19 …

  • I think Linda started proofreading the backlog of blog post drafts, beginning with our AK-HI cruise. (I did not start uploading them to our WordPress site until she was well-along with this work as I wanted to post them in chronological order and wanted all of them ready to go for any given time period or event, such as this cruise.)
  • I continued to trim trees that were not part of the work done by Davey Tree Service
  • I arranged for Keith to do the first mowing of the property this year in early May.


Saturday 20 …Another BdW guest, and continued work on the property.

  • Our second Boondockers Welcome guest of the season arrived today; WildCoddieWamplers.
  • I suspect that we spent at least part of the day continuing with the tree trimming and yard clean up, but we do not tend to record things like that in our calendar.


Sunday 21 … Just another day at home.

  • Nothing of note on our calendar today. We might have been busy, or we might have relaxed, or we might have visited with our BdW guest, or all three, or none of these things, or something else entirely.  No idea.

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