RVillage Navigation

Congratulations!  If you are looking at this page you have (or should have) already successfully joined RVillage and perhaps one or more RVillage groups.  Knowing about the following RVillage features will help you navigate the website:

Buttons & Counts – Round circles with numbers in them are usually buttons.  If you are on the home page for an RV park, the number in the button tells you how many other RVillage  members are checked in to that park.  If you click on the HOME tab you will see buttons in the left sidebar.  One tells you how many friend connections you have.  Clicking the button shows you who they are.  The last button shows you the current membership count for all of RVillage , and yes, it is clickable.  (But think about it, there are thousands of members.)

Menu ICONs – At the right end of the menu bar are three small, but very important icons: EnvelopeHead-n-Shoulders, and Bell.  We have no idea what RVillage actually calls these icons, or how universal they are, but that’s what they look like.  When you hover over each of them with your cursor things happen.

      1. The envelope icon is for RVillage messages.  Hover on it and a message list drops down, with some additional menu options at the bottom of the list.  Click in the clear space in a message box to go to that message.  If you click on the name of the member who sent the message, you will go to their profile page.
      2. The head-n-shoulders icon opens a drop-down menu.  This is where you go to access your profile so you can view it and/or edit your personal information, see if you have any friend requests pending, or to log out.  We think the head-n-shoulders icon is supposed to signify that it really is all about you.  🙂
      3. The bell icon is for notifications.  Hover on the bell and a list of notifications drop down.  If you created a topic in a forum, or posted to an existing forum topic, and indicated that you wanted to be notified when someone else posts, that notification will be in this list, along with many other notifications.

We mentioned this on another page but it bears repeating:  You have the option in your profile settings of having e-mails sent to your personal e-mail address any time you receive a message or notification.  That also means you have the option of NOT being e-mailed every time something happens on RVillage.

We look forward to seeing you on RVillage and perhaps in one of the groups.

Bruce and Linda (Omnibus) on RVillage!