We belong to several national RV clubs, as well as chapters and special interest groups within those clubs, and smaller specialized independent groups.

FMCA – The Family Motor Coach Association was founded in 1963 by a group of people with owner built motorhomes, many of them converted buses.  Membership in FMCA is by family rather than individual and each family is assigned an F#.  The F#s are assigned sequentially, and are never reused with the exception that a Son or Daughter can keep an F# that belonged to their parents and add an ‘S’ or a ‘D’ at the end.  Membership in FMCA has always been restricted to families who own at least a 1/3rd interest in a motorhome in which it is possible to walk (not crawl) from the cockpit to the living area.  Basically, that means Class A, B, C, and D motorhomes (no towables, truck campers, or tents).  As of September 2013 the F#s have passed 430,000.  Of those F#s, about 80,000 are actually active, representing approximately 160,000 individuals.  FMCA is organized into 11 areas, 10 geographic and one non-geographic (the International or INTO area).  FMCA has many chapters (special interest groups) and we belong to three:

  • Great Lakes Converted Coaches (GLCC) (Great Lakes Area Motorcoach Association or GLAMA)
  • Freethinkers (FTH) (INTO Area)
  • Royale Coach Club (INTO Area)

Good Sam – The Good Sam Club has also been around since the 1960’s and is the largest RV club in North America.  The Good Sam Club is part of an RV empire that includes the Camping World RV Stores, Coast-to-Coast Resorts, Trailer Life and Motorhome Magazines, the Trailer Life and Woodall’s campground directories, the Good Sam Emergency Road Service Plan, the Good Same Extended Service Plan, etc.  There are no restrictions on the type of Recreational Vehicle.  Many campgrounds, RV parks, and RV resorts give a 10% discount to Good Sam members.  The Good Sam Club has extensive state organizations and chapters.  It holds a large national rally, known as The Rally.  We have not been to The Rally, and have not joined any chapters to date.

SKPs – The Escapees RV Club was founded by Kay and Joe Petersen as a support group for people who were living in their RVs full-time but has grown over the years to be a significant RV organization.  The emphasis, however, remains on full- and extended-time RVers and the SKPs run the largest private mail-forwarding service in the U.S.  It even has its own ZIP code!  The SKPs have state chapters as well as special interest groups known as Birds Of a Feather (BOFs).  We belong to one chapter and four BOFs:

CCO – The Converted Coach Owners is a small, independent organization of folks, most of whom have done their own bus conversion.  Flxible, GM, and old MCI coaches are the most common platforms although there are some professionally converted Prevost LeMirage, XL, and H3 models (like ours).  The professionally converted coaches also tend to be a bit older, and, like us, the owners have typically reworked a lot of the systems and/or redone the interiors.

Prevost Owners Group (POG) – An independent organization focused exclusively on motorhome conversions of Prevost motorcoaches.  POG is a membership group that runs an extensive website with a forum, and organizes a couple of rallies each year.

Prevost Community – Another independent organization focused exclusively on motorhome conversions of Prevost motorcoaches.  Prevost Community is also a membership group with an extensive website, forum, and resources.  Prevost Community also organizes a couple of rallies each year.