Home & Yard

We moved to a different house in April 2013 after 35 years in the previous one.  We are now on five acres somewhat out in the country but about five miles tfrom each of three nice, but very different, communities.  Our main reason for moving was to be able to keep our converted coach (motorhome) at the house and have enough property to allow us to eventually build a bus barn/garage for it.  The house we bought was in very usable condition but of course we had the inside painted to our liking have made a few other changes.  We have a bit more to do over the next few years, include the barn and probably a new roof on the house.  Our big projects have been the following (those with links have their own page and photo gallery):

2013-03: Basement office and ham radio shack

2013-05: Pull-through driveway improvement and culverts

2014-06: Backyard firepit

2014-07: Front sidewalk and stairs

2014-07: Rear retaining walls and drainage

2014-08: Natural gas service

2014-09: Library HVAC and garage furnace

2014-09: Garage electrical panel