RVillage Groups

Congratulations!  If you are on this page you have presumably already joined RVillage.  If not, please go to our page on how to Join RVillage, take care of that easy little task, and then come back here.

Once you have joined the network and indicated where you are located, you can explore the website, but we recommend that you JOIN one or more RVillage groups because that’s where the action is.  Joining a group is easy.  After logging in to RVillage, just follow these steps:

      1. Click on the GROUPS tab at the top.
      2. A list of groups will appear.  It will be many pages long.
      3. Choose how you want to see the list of groups by clicking on Arrange Results in the upper left corner.  Alphabetical is probably the most useful if this is your first time on this page.
      4. Read through the list of group names.  If you see a name that interests you, click on it and continue with step 8 below.  (An alternative to steps 3 and 4 are steps 5, 6, and 7.)
      5. Alternate Step – In the search box in the upper right of the GROUPS tab type a word such as “bus”, “hiking”, “geocaching”, or “wine“ (without the quotes, of course) related to an interest of yours.
      6. Alternate Step – Click the magnifying glass to the right of the search box.
      7. Alternate Step – If more than one group is listed, see if any of the group names suggest the kind of group you are searching for.  If so, click on the name of the group.
      8. When the page appears for the selected group, read the group description.  If it looks like a group for you, click on Join Group.
      9. Confirm that you want to join this group.  Most groups are open and you will instantly become a member of that group.

Note:  Some groups are closed.  If you try to join a closed group clicking Join Group sends a request to the group owner.  If/when that request is approved you will become a member of that group.  You may receive a message from the group owner/leader asking for additional information before you are approved to join.

Once you are a member of a group you can do the following:

      1. Click on the GROUPS tab.
      2. Click on My Groups in the left sidebar.
      3. Find the group you just joined in the list that appears and click on it.
      4. The circle in the center of the screen with the number in it is a button.  The number is how many members are in that group.
      5. Click the button.  You will now have a list of everyone who has joined the group.
      6. Click the profile name of any member to go to their profile screen.
      7. You can send messages to members using the link provided on their profile screen.

Well, that’s it in terms of joining an RVillage group.  There are a few steps involved, but it is not hard to do.  For some general tips on how to navigate the RVillage website, see our RVillage Navigation page.

We look forward to seeing you on RVillage and perhaps in one or more of the groups.

Bruce and Linda (Omnibus) on RVillage!