Our Pets

We have had both cats and dogs over the years and have enjoyed both.  When our 14-1/2 year old Golden Retriever (AKC Kari-Jame Ricky Ricardo, AKA “Einstein”) passed in September 2007 we decided not to get another dog.  We knew retirement and travel were just around the corner and that cats would be much more compatible traveling pets for us than dogs.  Our one remaining cat, Tycho, passed in August 2009 and we though for a while that perhaps we would forego having pets altogether.  But that didn’t last long.

In early January 2010 we went to look at cats that the Cats Cradle Cat Rescue had available for adoption.  Cats Cradle is co-owned by Carol, one of the veterinary technicians at Plaza Veterinary Hospital in Farmington, Michigan where we have always gone for veterinary services.

We found a 1-1/2 year old black female named “Kitten” who seemed very friendly.  We decided to adopt her, but we knew we were going to change her name.  We had hoped to adopt two cats together, but didn’t see another one that suited us.  Carol said she had a 5 year old male brown mackerel tabby named Jasper, but they no longer brought him to the adoption events at the local pet stores because no one wanted him and it was stressful for him to be dragged back and forth for no reason.  (The sad fact is that older cats and dogs are very difficult to place.)  We waited while she went back to their shelter to get him.  When she got back and we were able to interact with him we knew immediately that he was coming home with us too.

We had family over to visit a few days after we got the cats home and were discussing what to name “Kitten” when Shawna (our daughter-in-law) suggested “Juniper.”  Jasper and Juniper had a nice ring to it, and the issue was settled.  They travel with us in the bus.