2013-05 Pull-thru Drive

In May of 2013, Phillip Jarrell of Precision Grading rebuilt the makeshift pull-through driveway in front of the house to support the weight of our converted coach and allow for it’s turning radius.  We also ran a 240V/50A underground electrical service out to a weather protected outlet on a post by the driver’s side rear of the bus so we could plug it in when it was parked there.  The part of the driveway where the bus is normally parked is an area 11 feet wide by 50 feet long with 12 inches of crushed concrete on top of a layer of road construction fabric, another layer of road construction fabric (that runs from the east street apron to the concrete driveway on the west end) and then 8 inches of 21AA road gravel.  Phil came back in August 2014 to repair damage done by a landscaping project.  He added more 21AA road gravel, smoothed and leveled the pad area, and then used a vibrating roller to compact the fines.  It’s not quite concrete, but it supports the bus very nicely.  Here are some photos of the work: