2014-09 HVAC & Electrical

Over the course of the summer of 2014 we did, or had done, a couple of major projects involving our library (breezeway) and garage.  We replaced and upgraded an electrical sub-panel in the garage and redid some of the wiring, in part to support some new HVAC equipment.  We also built a utility closet in the corner of the garage where the sub-panel is located to house a new furnace and air-conditioner for the library.  DCM Heating and Cooling installed the HVAC unit and also installed a ceiling-mounted furnace for the garage. Both furnaces were natural gas, so DCM installed 2″ iron pipe around the outside of the house to bring gas from the meter location to the back of the garage for the furnaces and on around the side of the garage to the whole house generator.  The generator was converted from propane to natural gas by Bratcher Electric, who installed it, and the hot-water base-board heating system boiler for the main house was converted by TOMTEK HVAC.  The project in the garage and library also involved installing insulation, hanging and taping drywall, and painting.  Here is a selection of photos showing major points along the way and the finished results.

Garage Electrical Sub-panel & Utility Closet


2″ Black Iron Pipe


Library HVAC and Garage Furnace