This is where you will find information about our Prevost H3-40 VIP.  This motorcoach was built by Prevost Car Inc. in Quebec, Canada in August 1990.  It started the assembly process as a seated coach but was changed to a shell (VIP) before it was completed.   It went directly to the Royale Coach division of Monaco where it was converted into a motorhome for the original owner.  It was finished around October 1991 and titled as a 1992 model.  To the best of our knowledge it has the original engine and transmission, a 450 HP Detroit Diesel 8V92TS (turbo, silver) driving an Allison HT-755CR (ATEC).

We purchased this bus in September 2009 with ~105,000 miles on the odometer.  Since that time a lot of work has gone into it; some by professionals and some by us.  Bruce has described some of that work in his blog posts.  Starting with the February 2013 issue, Bus Conversion Magazine has been publishing Bruce’s articles detailing some of this work as well as articles on some of the places we go and things we do.  See our BCM page for a brief description of each article, links to the magazine, and a special discount offer.