20140827 (W) HVAC and Dentistry

The only thing these have in common (for me at least) is that they occurred on the same day.  Darryll and Alec were back this morning to continue working on our garage furnace and library HVAC project and I had a 2 PM dentist appointment to have them check if I had lost a piece of one of the abfractions they did back on June 17th.

Our dentist is in Dearborn some 50 miles to our southeast, so I try to leave 90 minutes for travel.  I got there ahead of time and they got me in about 15 minutes early.  It was a quick appointment but I was glad I went.  The hard piece of material I crunched while brushing my teeth a few weeks ago was, indeed, the abfraction material from the upper outside of tooth #11.  They replaced it under warranty and I was back on the road by 2:30 PM, which allowed me to make the trip back towards home somewhat ahead of the afternoon traffic rush.

These mushrooms appeared in the yard a few days ago as round balls and then opened up.

These mushrooms appeared in the yard a few days ago as round balls and then opened up.

I needed a saddle connector and Linda needed some “power greens” for our dinner salad so I exited I-96 at Grand River Avenue and headed towards Brighton.  There is a Home Depot right there, but they only had the 3/8ths saddle connectors in bags of five.  I only needed one, which I knew I could get at Lowe’s in Howell.  Traffic headed back towards Howell on Grand River was badly congested so I used a back route, taking Challis Road to Chilson Road to Latson Road.  The Lowe’s and Meijer’s are on opposite sides of Grand River Avenue at Latson Road.

By the time I got home Darryll and Alec had left.  Darryll had indicated they would knock off early and that he would be back next week to finish up.  While they were here they set the library A-C compressor/condenser in place by the west wall of the garage and got the refrigerant lines run, the power cable routed, and the control cable run.  They also cut the openings for the two lower supply registers in the library, installed the through-wall duct work, and the register grills.  Darryll will be back during the latter half of next week to finish up.  That gives me plenty of time to finish drywall work.

Summer is coming to an end.  The parochial schools are already back in session and the public schools start on Tuesday next week.  Lots of folks are heading north for the upcoming holiday weekend which marks the end of the summer tourist season.  Fall colors have already appeared on a variety of trees in our part of the county and a few seem somewhat advanced.  Except for the last few days, it has been a cool, moist summer.

Early this morning I e-mailed Shelly from the AT&T Office of the President thanking her for calling us on Monday in response to our Michigan Public Service Commission complaint filing that morning, and for following up with her contact information by e-mail.  Our phone line is still noisy to the point of being useless, but we have not seen the dreaded “Check Tell Line” or “Line In Use” messages on our phone and the DSL has stayed connected as near as we can tell.  I am not aware, however, that AT&T has actually done anything yet to fix the problem.  They certainly have not communicated any such information to us  Unfortunately working on the SLAARC WP website and creating user accounts absolutely requires me to be reliably online, as does the Intro to Linux course I am (supposed to be) taking through edX, so these tasks may have to wait until our AT&T DSL connection has been solid for a while.


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